Bond Round Umbrella


Bond Round Umbrella

It is a round, eight-armed, aluminum umbrella type produced for sun protection in places such as poolside, gardens, restaurants, and cafes. The middle pipe size of your umbrella, made with anodized or white electrostatic paint coating, is 50mm. The plastic parts in the skeleton are manufactured using ABS and POLYAMIDE PA6 PRIME raw materials with a two-year guarantee against breakage. You can use your umbrella safely even in windy weather, as the wind evacuation of your umbrella can be done with the air windows on the top.

When you pull the rope of your umbrella down, the umbrella opens. After providing a whole opening, you can fix the umbrella rope to the safety plastic for an aesthetic appearance. When you release the string, your umbrella closes quickly.

Our umbrellas can protect you from the sun for years with a five-year guarantee with a suitable base and 190gr water-repellent coated polyester / 250gr olefin, 300gr acrylic fabric materials.

House, workplace, summer house, etc., in Istanbul and its surroundings. If you are the owner of the venues, it is necessary to talk about our professional team who do their job with years of experience in umbrella systems. It is possible to aim to meet different needs with umbrella systems made of other materials that our company put forward. Our company also does the assembly works of these umbrella systems very economically. You can expect us to finish our work for umbrella systems by revealing your needs and leaving all the work on this issue to us. Istanbul Umbrella offers you a long-term use guarantee with its quality products. In case of unexpected mishaps that may occur under your umbrella, our company will do its best to prevent your victimization by fulfilling the necessary initiatives.

Karakaya Umbrella aims to fulfill the purpose it was installed where it was established and to prevent your loved ones from getting overwhelmed, especially at home, and your customers at work, due to excessive heat. Suppose you are in Istanbul and its surroundings. In that case, you can apply to Umbrella Systems Istanbul company to get the necessary help, and you can choose the discovery processes to be carried out by our technical teams to understand your umbrella need. In addition, you can contact us to get all kinds of information.

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