Promotional Advertising Cushion


Promotional Advertising Cushion

Our company, which is an expert in promotional advertising cushions, meets your corporate requests in the fastest and best way. We process your company’s logo, name & telephone information on our products that we design in all the colors and sizes you want. You will never regret taking advantage of Karaya Awning’s services, which enable companies to make promotional transactions economically.


Promote Your Company in an Economical and Attractive Way

Promotional advertising cushions are a unique opportunity for companies that want to announce their products or services to wider audiences. You can advertise your services to your potential customers with advertising cushions where you can promote your company.


Cushions are prepared in any size and shape you want to use for advertising purposes. In cushion designs, attention is paid to the service of your company and the suitability of the products you sell. At this stage, a model suitable for your wishes is produced by taking the ideas of our valued customers.


Our company, which has been operating in iron joinery and wrought iron for more than 25 years, continues to serve in the tarpaulin and awning departments since 2011. Our company, which has always made a name for itself with its quality, has provided high customer satisfaction with its experienced team. Karakaya Awning, the most preferred address in Istanbul and in general, has succeeded in moving its service network outside of Istanbul.


Promotional advertising cushion types for advertising purposes have options such as bamboo cushions, floor cushions, or garden cushions. With these highly economical cushions, you can reach all of your potential customers and ensure their satisfaction.


Special Production Promotional Advertising Cushions


Our company, which increases the number of happy customers daily, aims to offer the best by taking into account the requests and demands. You will be satisfied with our team’s attentive and quality services, which reached their goals quickly.


Our company, which carries out particular product works, switches to unique production when you cannot find what you want among the classic promotional advertising cushions. By sending your wishes to our team, you can get the advertising cushion you have designed in your dreams.


Our products, which everyone with their printing quality appreciates, are produced to be suitable for every place. We can add any picture or text you want on our custom logo printed cushions. You will be able to impress your customers with the models we have prepared specifically for companies.


You can also check out our printed cushions. You can distribute our cushions, which can also be used as floor cushions for promotional purposes. This way, you can reach more customers and make your promotion tireless without paying large fees.


Our company, which has been in the sector for a long time, is constantly increasing the number of customers with its meticulous work. You can contact us anytime to be among our happy and satisfied customers.


Our team, who always cares about corporate requests, can process your company’s name, logo, and all kinds of information on pear cushions in line with your recommendations. Floor mats are produced that can be used in areas such as cafes, restaurants, beaches, hotels, tea gardens, sports centers, SPA centers, swimming pools, and kindergartens. You will like our team’s designs, which can meet your model and color needs.


The cushions, which have an elegant and luxurious use, can be used on both sides. You can safely use the cushions designed from fabrics extremely resistant to sunlight. Since our materials are waterproof, you can use the cushions outdoors comfortably.


Floor cushions have a zippered structure. This way, it can be washed by removing the outer part when desired. You can find different models of promotional advertising cushions, which can be used easily in many areas within our company.


Among our products that appeal to all tastes and needs are options such as pillow cushions, chair cushions, seat cushions, pear cushions, and oriental corner cushions. Call us without wasting time on our designs that meet your needs and expectations.

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