Yacht Cushion


Yacht Cushion

Yacht cushion; It is one of the types of sunbathing mats designed in every symmetry and model for yachts, boats, and ships. As Karakaya Awning, we have been carrying out successful works in the fields of awning and tarpaulin in the last seven years of our 25-year working life. You can call our team for all kinds of yacht mattresses you need and send your requests.


The Right Address for Ergonomic and Quality Yacht Mattresses


In Turkey, which is developing in yacht and sea tourism, investment needs for furnishing and decoration for yachts are increasing. Our company, which wants to deliver its services to marinas and boatyards at every point in Turkey, develops projects suitable for yachts, boats, sailboats, catamarans, motor yachts, and all other marine vehicles with yacht mattresses that have attracted the most attention recently.


As the Karakaya family, we determine the wishes and needs of our customers who prefer us in the best way. We develop our services in this direction by closely following the technological developments, and we manufacture the yacht mattresses most suitable for our customers’ needs. You will be amazed by the valuable feature of our yacht mattresses, which are designed using quality fabrics.


Our company, established in Istanbul and continues its activities here, delivers its services to every corner of Turkey. We offer professional and guaranteed services to all our valued customers with our experienced team. You can call our team without hesitation if you have any problems with our services. Our employees, who listen to your concerns, produce solutions as soon as possible and eliminate the issues.


One of the essential features of our yacht mattresses is their ergonomics. We guarantee that you can use our products, which attract attention with their comfort, ease of use, and usefulness, for a long time with the same quality.


Types of Yacht Cushions Suitable for Your Health and Use


Some people use the yachts used mainly in the summer and spring months in the winter months. Our yacht mattresses, designed with all our potential customers, are incredibly healthy. Our cushions, produced using the highest quality fabrics, are shaped according to your wishes.


We always offer our valued customers the best products, equipment, and services. With the power of satisfaction we will receive from you, and we will continue our work of a better quality way. Our company, which thinks that all our customers deserve the best, produces the most popular yacht mattresses with quality craft.


The adverse effects of salt water coming to yachts on rough seas are very high. Yacht cushions designed from poor quality fabrics are damaged and become unusable quickly. In addition, the formation of bacteria in products exposed to seawater progresses very quickly. In this case, your health is also at risk.


Karakaya Awning, which attaches great importance to the health of all its customers, offers sea water resistant and healthy mattresses. You will appreciate the usefulness of our yacht mattress types, which will make you feel at home comfort. The health of the cushions, which you can use for a long time with the same quality and appearance, will also make you feel comfortable.


Sun rays, as well as seawater, shorten the life of the mattresses. Our products, which are highly resistant to ultraviolet rays caused by the sun, have a strong structure against fading and wear.


The fabrics we use for mattresses are guaranteed and have first-class water and stain-proof structure. In addition, our materials that are not affected by the sun and do not fade are shaped according to your demands. You can choose the color you want from our unlimited color options and send it to us.

You can show your style in your yachts with your preferences that will reflect your choice. You are at the correct address to have your yachts designed as in your dreams. Our company, which gives importance to the wishes and needs of its customers, offers services that will meet the expectations in the best way.


If you want to capture an eye-catching image by making small touches to the exterior aesthetics of your yachts, our Karakaya Awning team is always at your service. As a result of joint evaluations, we reveal designs that are precisely compatible with your wishes. To take advantage of our quality service advantages, call us.

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