Cassette Awning


Cassette Awning

A cassette awning is a type of awning and is generally used outdoors. It gets its name from the fact that elements such as the awning fabric and mechanism are placed in a case or cassette. This design ensures the protection and longevity of the awning.

Cassette awnings are used to protect against sunlight and weather conditions such as rain or wind. It is generally used in commercial spaces, outdoor areas of restaurants, terraces and gardens or verandas of houses. Cassette awnings offer both an aesthetic appearance and functionality.

These types of awnings can usually be opened and closed with a remote control or a manual lever. Cassette awnings can have different designs and features, so you can choose from many different options depending on your intended use and preferences. Cassette awnings are a popular option for making outdoor spaces more comfortable and providing shade, protection from wind or weather.

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