Sunbed Cushion


Sunbed Cushion

Sunbed cushion; It is one of the mattress types that has recently attracted significant attention and provides comfort in holiday places. Sunbed cushions designed to be used in the beach sector and by the pool are produced with many features.


We have managed to become a brand by operating for 25 years on the way we started with Karakaya Awning. After the tarpaulin services, we expanded to larger areas and started to produce cushion products. Karakaya Awning, the most preferred company in this field in a short time, continues to be appreciated with its services without sacrificing quality.


Sunbed Cushions in Different Sizes and Models


There are many sun loungers at the poolside or beaches of the hotels serving in the holiday resorts. Businesses that pay attention to every detail from A to Z to ensure that holidaymakers have a pleasant and comfortable holiday are also very sensitive about sunbed cushions.


Businesses that want their guests to lie down and sunbathe on the sun loungers to feel comfortable prefer our company’s sun lounger cushion models. Seating comfort is provided best in our cushions, which have a soft filling.


Thanks to their durable fabrics, the sun lounger cushions, which can be used for a long time without wearing out, can be removed and washed. Our products, produced with fiber protection, have both water and dirt-proof properties. You can fix the cushions with fastening connections to the seating areas on the chaise longue.


Sunbed cushions, specially designed for wooden, plastic, and rattan sun loungers, are produced in different models as straight and striped. We give importance to the wishes of all our customers who prefer us, and we try to offer the best by reviewing their demands in detail.


Sunbeds, preferred for sunbathing, resting, and drying in holiday centers, are uncomfortable without cushions. Sunbed cushions, which we produce specially for sunbeds that cause body pain due to their complicated structure, offer comfortable use.


Benefit From Our Quality Service Advantages


Our company Karakaya Awning meets all requests and demands in the best and fastest way. We attach importance to quality as much as we give importance to speed in the production phase. Our company, which leaves behind the companies that make fast but poor quality production, designs the best products using the highest quality fabrics.

You can choose among the sun lounger cushion models designed from different fabrics according to your needs, your taste, place of use, and the type of sun loungers. The usefulness of the cushions, which helps to enjoy the sun best, draws attention.


You should pay attention to some criteria when choosing sun lounger cushions. You must take the measurements of the sun loungers correctly and convey them to our team because sunbed cushions are produced following these dimensions. Choosing the most suitable color according to the color intensity in the area where the sun loungers will be used will create an advantage and attract attention.


We convey our recommendations to achieve an aesthetic harmony in your spaces. By evaluating the wishes of our valued customers, we agree on the most suitable model and start production. As a company, our primary goal is to create designs that will satisfy our customers.


You may also want to achieve contrast in terms of color and harmony. In this regard, our company offers the most suitable options. You can earn a striking style by choosing the sun lounger cushions in a color opposite to the color of the place where your sun loungers and sun loungers are located.


You can enjoy the advantages of using our stain- and dirt-proof, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-clean chaise lounge cushions for a long time without any problems. We pay attention to the zipper detail in the lounge chair cushions. You can remove and wash the covers of the cushions whenever you want. You can also ventilate the sponge in the case. In this way, you will get rid of the hassle of cleaning.


The sunbed cushions are quality products made of durable materials. You will be able to use the cushions you buy within our company without any problems. You can review our products by contacting us whenever you need.

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