Manual Telescopic Square Umbrella


Manual Telescopic Square Umbrella

Our manual telescopic square model umbrella reflects the “square” symbol when viewed from a bird’s eye view. For this reason, it is defined as a square. It is possible to find the round model within the category. This umbrella model, generally preferred by beachside businesses, is called “telescopic” because it has functionality like a telescope. It is straightforward to use, and thanks to its design, it can be preferred in many types of businesses and even in personal areas.


It has a skeletal structure with eight arms. This way, you can open and stretch your umbrella at the ideal level with the safety catch. Especially in the summer, it is perfect for you to create a functional open space for your customers. However, it is incorrect to restrict this umbrella model’s valuable feature to the fact that it only reveals a shaded area. Because thanks to its “liquid-proof” acrylic fabric, it also has a protective feature from sudden and unexpected rain. The air ducts on the upper part of the body allow strong winds to blow through. This way, unexpected situations such as damage to the umbrella, flying away, or falling do not occur even in the strongest wind.


Our manual telescopic square umbrella model, which has an aluminum material structure, has a material structure suitable for use for many years. Evaluating your budget with a good product is the right choice. In this context, this product we offer for sale is a product that we guarantee for at least two years due to its high-quality material. Still, we would like to state that the durability life of the skeleton and the fabric material is up to 5 years under normal use conditions. This situation is our product that gives you the total value of your money.


Please don’t bother with umbrella models that are difficult to use and bother you because the use of our manual telescopic square model umbrella is straightforward. It is sufficient for an adult to lift the fixing latch upwards using light force. This way, the umbrella opens immediately and can be fixed by making special adjustments.


It is designed for entirely safe use. You fix the fixing latch at the appropriate level, and thanks to the correct base, your umbrella will also show durability in harsh conditions. It is out of the question for the umbrella to fall unexpectedly. It can be used comfortably, has a wide field of view, and at the same time, it is a type of model that will protect a large area from the sun. We offer you for sale in different sizes. In this context, we recommend you examine the dimensions in the technical specifications section.

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