Telescopic Umbrella


Telescopic Umbrella

Telescopic Umbrella

Telescopic umbrellas are umbrella models of different sizes that you can choose to shade open areas in summer. It provides protection not only in summer but also in rainy weather thanks to its suitable material. The telescopic umbrella is an umbrella model that businesses and individual customers can prefer. It is easily placed in the needed open area and thus protects throughout all four seasons. Especially in summer, it is an ideal option to protect from the sun’s burning rays and shade the open area.

The telescopic umbrella is also very easy to use. You manage the umbrella with the arm it has. One of the most critical features of this umbrella is that it successfully shades large areas and protects them from rain. Therefore, it is preferred in many areas.

What makes this umbrella durable in different weather conditions is the material used. As one of these materials, we can talk about fabric quality. Our company, which has been serving in the sector for many years as Karakaya Tente, offers you umbrella and awning systems developed from the fabric type known as acrylic fabric. Therefore, for the telescopic umbrella, we suggest you also have acrylic material, so it is resistant to weather conditions of all four seasons. This situation allows us to express the usage period of the umbrella as at least five years in general.

You can also order large umbrellas by contacting our company. The installation and assembly of large umbrellas are carried out entirely by our company, and it is a straightforward process. When you want to change the location of the umbrella after its installation, it will be enough to open the lock on foot. Then you can easily install it in different areas as you wish.

As Karakaya Tente, we attach importance to the sector’s quality materials and professional craft. We also ensure customer satisfaction. For this, we keep the pricing at the most reasonable level possible. When you contact our company, we provide you with an umbrella installation at affordable prices. Still, since there are also customizations for the umbrella system, we cannot give you precise information about the price. We can determine an actual cost according to the usage area and what material you would like this umbrella to be made of.

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