According to need and demand, camellia is a shading system developed with wood or metal materials. It is also known as the “Arbor” and is a system designed for open shading areas in the summer months and creating a private area covered with it. Both businesses and individual customers prefer this system.

If the camellia shading system is preferred as wood, the material is obtained from different tree species. Since the camellia systems, selected as wood, are developed with materials from other tree species, the system is installed by applying the impregnation process. Thanks to this process, which we refer to as the impregnation process, on camellia materials. You can’t see the creatures that we can find in a tree structure such as insects because it has been protected from such animals for many years thanks to the impregnation process. This situation also extends the lifetime of the system.

When viewed from above, the camellia system can be seen as a square, rectangle, hexagon, or octagon. Customer needs are essential here. In the said area, an arbor with equal side lengths in the direction of its width is installed. Thus, the required shading is provided.

Camellia systems have the feature of being systems that can be installed in many different open areas. As Karakaya Awning, we install the camellia system you need with years of experience with quality materials and professional craft. These systems can be installed in open areas, including all kinds of businesses, houses, or different living spaces, for private garden areas and many other areas.

These systems often require no maintenance at all. They are usually durable for many years. Of course, it is essential which material you choose here. Another important criterion is the company you prefer. As Karakaya Awning, we attach importance to material quality and professional craft. We are ready to install very modern camera systems at affordable and reasonable prices. When you contact us, you can ask your questions, get general information about our prices, and make a special request for a particular gazebo system. Our team is ready to install the method according to your specified criteria.

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