Earthquake Tent


Earthquake Tent

With its portable and lightweight structure, it can be easily set up and placed quickly on a flat land. Earthquake Tents are made of flame retardant structures and are coated on a synthetic, PVC, polyester and polyethylene containing brand and durability steel profile structure. The absence of column or beam partitions inside offers a comfortable settlement.

Oval or triangular roof design prevents rain or snow water accumulation from clinging to the ceiling and contributes to the air circulation in the interior evenly distributed in the area.

Thanks to its demountable structure, it can be moved to any area and an economical shelter can be created. The prices of Disaster Tents are distributed depending on parts such as size, square meter, material content and quality used, quality and quantity of profile results.

Disaster Tents are used not only in natural disasters, but also to meet the temporary shelter needs of people who have to migrate from countries as a result of war and oppression.

In addition, the term tent city is used for food storage, health, recreation and education systems.

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