Sunminium Square Umbrella


Sunminium Square Umbrella

You can choose a very stylish umbrella model for your business. Sunminium Square can be manufactured in particular dimensions per your usage area. You can view the sizes in detail in the technical details section.


Our Sunminium Square umbrella model primarily aims at businesses that continue their activities during the summer. It is an important issue for customers to provide a usable open space where they can spend time and breathe easily. In this context, the model we offer you for sale fully meets the expectations. Thanks to its quality fabric structure, open, shaded areas can be used even during the sun’s hottest hours. In this way, people can spend time in the open air excellently.


Another important detail we want to draw your attention to is the design. Like many umbrella models, our sunminium square umbrella model is preferred because it has customizable colors. So much so that we sell to you with the color white, which is generally in demand. Our model, painted with white electrostatic paint, is highly stylish and helpful at the same time. Thanks to its successful design, it is preferred in many areas.

Our umbrella model, manufactured with your choice of polyester or oferin fabric types, has a structure that will provide durability for many years. In this context, we are sure that you will always be satisfied, and you can be sure that it is the best equipment choice for your business.


We want to express that it is effortless to use. You must use the fixing latch located just above the fixing tube (on the body). Thanks to this latch, you can easily open the umbrella and close it simultaneously. It has a straightforward umbrella model and also a strong structure.


Some materials that make the skeleton strong are plastic. However, do not be misled by the fact that these materials are plastic because these materials, POLYAMIDE PA6 PRIME, are produced from raw material, which is a material that has received sufficient quality approval from relevant institutions around the world. Therefore, you can be sure that the product will be long-lasting. This product, which we offer you with a 2-year guarantee, has a material structure that can withstand up to 5 years under normal conditions. In this context, you can be sure that we are offering an umbrella model that you will not hesitate about quality. With its utterly secure payment infrastructure, you can buy it at an affordable price that you cannot find on any other site.

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