Winter Garden


Winter Garden

The winter garden is the ideal option for a business or individual customer to create private areas protected against external weather conditions such as rain and snow in Autumn and Winter. The area around the winter garden and the ceiling is closed. The material used is generally transparent canvas. Thanks to its quality transparent tarpaulin material, it protects against weather conditions outside and, at the same time, offers a living space inside.

Although this remote system is referred to as a “winter garden,” it is generally suitable for all seasons. The tarpaulin type transparent tarpaulin used in this system is also referred to as PVC tarpaulin and is ideal for many different weather conditions thanks to its fabric structure. Especially in the winter months, this type of fabric prevents the cold significantly, so this system is more preferred in the winter months.

This system, which we call transparent tarpaulin or a winter garden in general, is mainly preferred by businesses. This is because a specific part of the enterprise, which remains in the open areas in the autumn and winter months, can be covered with this tarpaulin to make it possible to use. Still, it would not be right to limit the usage areas to the enterprises, as it is the tarpaulin model used in home garden areas and many other regions.

As Karakaya Awning, we install the winter garden with our understanding of professional craft and quality materials. When you contact our company, our team first makes a preliminary analysis of the area where the system will be installed and takes meticulous measurements. In line with the data obtained this way, the construction of the winter garden in the most appropriate dimensions and material quality for your area is carried out on the specified day and time.

We manufacture and install these systems, which we can customize according to your needs and demands, primarily as “zipped.” When you contact our company, we evaluate your suggestions and requests and establish the most suitable winter garden system. Our company, which provides affordable cost and reasonable price guarantee, also offers you techniques that you will use for many years with quality materials. For this, please contact us.

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