Tulibella Square Umbrella


Tulibella Square Umbrella

When we compare our other umbrella models, we can say that our tulibella umbrella model does not have profound differences. Still, the most crucial detail that makes this model unique is that it works with a telescopic system. This system means that it is easier to use. All that needs to be done to open this umbrella model is to use the turn handle. The umbrella can be opened and closed quickly by moving the flip handle. In this way, you do not need to spend or make any extra effort. It is easy to use and clean.


Our tulibella square umbrella model, which has an 8-armed skeleton system, has a unique foot structure to prevent it from tipping over in many weather conditions. As it is known, the common problem of some beach or seaside umbrella models purchased with a perfect budget is that they fly away or topple when there is excessive wind. Despite this problem, our tulibella square umbrella model stands out with its strong and stable structure. So much so that it has suitable material structure and structural properties that will show durability in variable weather conditions. In this way, the area is kept dry with its liquid-proof fabric when it rains, and when there is a strong wind, the airflow channels on the top of the umbrella allow the current to flow without affecting the direction and stance of the umbrella. In this way, it is a durable umbrella model and will exceed your expectations.


One of the essential features that distinguish our Tulibella Square umbrella model from many other models is that it can be painted in the desired RAL colors. There is no damage in the slightest during or after the painting process. The type of paint used; It is a type of paint that does not harm the structure and usefulness of the umbrella. When contacting our company, it will be sufficient to specify a particular RAL color. This way, you can choose the perfect color in line with your purpose of use and space, and you can request your tulibella square umbrella model.


The fabric of our umbrella model is made of acrylic material. Thanks to its acrylic, it shows durability for many years. It is a structure that does not get dirty quickly and can be easily cleaned even if it gets dirty. This way, it looks new even after long and intensive use. However, one of the essential advantages of the acrylic fabric feature is its liquid-proof feature, which ensures that the area remains dry (according to the angle of incidence of the rain) in such cases. Our products, which you will be satisfied with for many years, are offered for sale with a 2-year guarantee.

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