Mosque Door Tarpaulin


Mosque Door Tarpaulin

Quality Tarpaulins for Mosques

Mosques are holy places of worship for Muslims. Worship has no place, time, or season. Therefore, in mosques that are collective worship areas. It is necessary to protect them on summer days when the scorching heat is dominant or in the harshest winter conditions. At this point, the mosque door tarpaulin, which is produced in different sizes and offers the chance to choose the desired one from the rich color table, comes into play.

Considering rainy and snowy cold days, the mosque tarpaulin, produced with a waterproof feature, protects both the people praying inside and the items inside the mosque, such as carpets and cushions, that can dampen when wet, against all kinds of possibilities. The tarpaulin, produced from polyester fabric, makes open areas closed and protects against adverse weather conditions. The tarps constructed from PVC tarpaulin or vaketa leather vary according to the size of the mosque doors. At the same time, different motifs and patterns can be embroidered on them, making them more compatible with the spirit of the mosque and worship.

You can choose products in the form of open or closed mosque doors made of PVC tarpaulin. These tarpaulins, produced from strong and durable fabric, have had a protective function for places of worship for many years, so they do not add any additional expense to your mosque budget every time. Suppose you contact a reliable awning and tarpaulin company through their contact numbers. In that case, first of all, the size of the mosque door on which the tarpaulin will be made is taken, and the motifs to be embroidered on the tarp are depicted in line with your wishes, the payment plan is drawn up, and if it is understood, production is started. The tarpaulin delivery is made together with the assembly.

Thanks to the models sewn by putting felt between the tarpaulins, the tarpaulin used on the mosque doors are made more durable and stronger against harsh winter conditions. Tarpaulins used safely in many open areas, from pools to cars and tea gardens, are now more suitable for use on mosque doors with their carefully processed motifs ideal for the structure of worship. A tarpaulin used for the mosque door must be made of a waterproof, durable fabric against rainy days. It should be used for many years to carry a motif that is compatible with the interior decoration of the mosque, and to is sewn in a suitable size to the place by taking the size of the interior door beforehand.

With the tarps in brown, green, and cream tones, the mosque doors undoubtedly become more protected against unsuitable weather conditions. The manufacturer carries out the erection of the mosque doors, which are made of leather in the form of an open door or a closed-door image. Get in touch, follow the latest prices and take advantage of the mosque door tarpaulin varieties.

A few examples of the tarpaulin mosque doors we have done before:

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