Manual Telescopic Round Umbrella


Manual Telescopic Round Umbrella

Among the umbrella models, It is an umbrella model that is very suitable for use in areas such as cafes, entertainment venues, and pools. For this reason, it is among the models we frequently recommend to our customers looking for the ideal choice for such businesses. Our Manual Telescopic Round umbrella model is very stylish and valuable.


One of the most important reasons for you to choose this umbrella model is that it has a strong structure. Thanks to its eight sleeves, the fabric tension is at the ideal level. The part where the arms are located is also the part where the wind can circulate freely. Thanks to these structural features, it can remain strong even in windy weather. Since the use of appropriate mats is essential, we also offer you a specially manufactured mat for this umbrella model for sale.


It is ideal if you do not want to compromise on decoration while creating a sun-protected area for your business. Thanks to its aluminum material structure, it will provide durability for many years and allow customization on a design basis. So much so that we offer it to you in aluminum color as the standard color, but if you have a special request, it is possible to manufacture it as white or anodized color.


Since this umbrella model is manual, it is necessary to use force to open it. However, this situation; does not mean that the umbrella is difficult to use. All you have to do is lift the fixing latch on the body part upwards. This way, you can easily adjust for the ideal height and fix the umbrella openly. In this way, you can now use the shadow area. Don’t be left behind because it has a structure that allows the flow of wind, and it is a structure that will show durability under challenging conditions.


We prioritize material quality in our manual telescopic round umbrella model, as in all the products we offer for sale. Each product we sell to you is guaranteed for two years. Providing this guarantee period is only possible with quality material. In this context, it is stated that the skeleton structure of our umbrella model is made of globally approved aluminum material and the fabric structure; We would like to draw attention to the fact that it is resistant to many weather conditions such as sun and wind and rain. In this way, we offer you an umbrella model that you can use safely for many years. You can easily buy the umbrella model that you can easily install in many areas with its helpful and stylish structure.

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