Tunnel Awning


Tunnel Awning

Tunnel awning is an option among awning systems. Since the structure of this system is in the form of a tunnel, its name is tunnel awning. The tunnel awning’s dimensions are determined entirely according to the area where the system will be installed. Metal materials are also used in the construction of tunnel awnings. Appropriate quality material ensures that this system will function for many years. Material quality is also crucial in the tunnel awning system, as in other awning systems.

Tunnel awning systems are preferred mainly by businesses. Especially at the entrance doors of enterprises, you can see these systems in meters. The main business models like tunnel awnings are; hotels, public institutions, restaurants, shopping malls, and various business areas.

The purpose of the tunnel awning system is to protect from the sun’s burning rays and provide shading, just like other awning systems. With the correct type of fabric to be used, these expectations are met, but we can also say that the purpose of the tunnel awning system is not to provide natural shading. We can say that businesses prefer it for both shading and decorative purposes since it is a visually impressive system.

Tunnel awning, preferred for decorative purposes, can also be made more ostentatious with various customization options, depending on the company you purchased this system from. As Karakaya Awning, we offer customization options suitable for your business. These awning systems, which have different colors or can be digitally printed, will reflect your brand successfully at first glance.

You can contact our company, which has been serving in the sector for many years, for the most suitable tunnel awning model for your business. We are installing the tunnel awning system at affordable costs for you. With the quality of our materials and professional craft, you have tunnel awning systems that you can use for many years. As Karakaya Awning, we also offer you customization options. This way, you have a decorative and stylish awning system for your business. When you agree with our company, our teams will come to the area where the system will be installed on the specified day and time, carry out the dimensioning processes carefully, and install the tunnel awning system in the most suitable dimensions for the area in question.

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