PVC Pilsa Tarpaulin


PVC Pilsa Tarpaulin

PVC Pilsa tarpaulin; is one of the most critical protective products used in many areas with its durable and waterproof structure. You can rely on Karakaya Awning quality for PVC tarpaulins that will meet your needs in gardening, farms, outdoor storage areas, pool covers, construction sites, trucks, trucks, scaffolding covers, machine covers, and many more.

PVC Tarpaulins Designed with Years of Experience

Our company, which has been successful in the tarpaulin sector for more than 25 years, continues to be the most preferred name with its services developed following technological developments. We think that you will be satisfied with the services of our company, which makes productions by the expectations of its customers with its expert team, which has experience in the field.

Our PVC tarpaulins, produced with technological equipment within our company, have ultraviolet stabilizer additives and protection against sun rays. This way, you will be able to use the tarps for a long time with the same quality and comfort.

PVC tarpaulins are generally used to cover the backs of vehicles such as trucks or trucks and act as carriers and covers. Thanks to the acrylic fabrics used in production, you can use the tarpaulin, which also has a waterproof feature, for a long time without any problems.

Our PVC tarpaulin models, which have the feature of protecting from the damaging effects of wind, rain, and sun, are produced in the sizes you want. We guarantee you that you will not have any problems with our product, which has a high tear strength.

You will be amazed by the extra peel-proof structure of our products, which offer a safe use with their flameproof feature. You can see our achievements by examining the services of our company, which has strong references with the services it offers to popular corporate companies throughout Istanbul.

High Strength PVC Tarpaulin Services

PVC tarpaulins, also known as Pilsa tarpaulins, have different color options. The functionality of our product, which is highly durable compared to low-weight products, is also remarkable. PVC tarpaulins, the most preferred tarpaulin type in the market, have high protection power against all kinds of external factors.

You can buy the model you want among our PVC tarpaulin models with reinforced edges. Apart from our existing models, we also design unique models for your demands. It will be sufficient to convey your requests to our staff. Our company, which values ​​customer satisfaction above all else, meets requests and needs as soon as possible.

As the name of our company suggests, we are experts in the tarpaulin business. We aim to present the career we have gained in Istanbul and its surroundings to all of Turkey. In this direction, we follow the technological developments closely and blend these developments with our services. Our employees always aim to offer the best and the newest and continue their high-quality work without interruption.

Our PVC tarpaulins, which we have designed in different ways according to our customers’ needs and usage areas, have a perfect structure. You will appreciate the quality of PVC tarpaulins, which you can use for many conditions, from the industrial packaging industry to children’s activity areas.

Our products, coated with high-protection PVC, have a waterproof structure. You will be able to use the products that are flameproof and resistant to the sun’s harmful rays for a very long time with the same appearance and function.

We get the ideas of our valued customers at every stage of our production. We produce the best model that will work for you according to your wishes and demands. Our team, which brings the quality to the highest level, has superior qualifications in tarpaulin. This way, designs that are compatible with your wishes are revealed.

Our company, which can meet all requests, can produce as many PVC tarpaulins as you want. As soon as you inform us of the number and model you need, we will start working, and we will meet your demands in a short time. In addition to its durability, you can trust our company for its price. Call us to find the industry’s most suitable and highest quality PVC tarpaulins.

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