Garden Cushion


Garden Cushion

Garden cushion; It is one of the essential productions that allow you to enjoy the air in open spaces such as homes, workplaces, cafes, hotels, and tea gardens. Especially in summer, life flows outside in a sense. Thanks to the garden cushions that carry the pleasure of sitting outside, we bring comfort to your feet. We have added cushions to our tarpaulin and awning products that we produce with the quality of Karakaya Awning. You will enjoy the advantages of using our garden cushions, which we designed by considering our customers’ expectations, in the long term without any problems.


Garden Cushions That Will Add A Different Air To Your Gardens Are Here


Our company, the first name that comes to mind when garden cushions are mentioned, has gained a permanent place in the sector with its services worthy of its name. Our team, which does its best for you to have a pleasant and comfortable time, offers the highest quality and valuable cushions to your liking.


When garden cushions are mentioned, summer months usually come to mind. People overwhelmed by the summer heat spend their time in their gardens or the garden sections of places such as cafes. In this case, garden cushions are preferred instead of sitting on objects that hurt the body, such as chairs. Garden cushions, which have a soft structure, help you spend a relaxing and quality time.


In addition to cafes and tea gardens, garden cushions are also used in hotels. Vacationers who want a pleasant time on their holidays prefer to sit in the cool gardens of the hotels. Institutions that care about the satisfaction of their guests use our company’s quality garden cushions.


If you want to gain economic advantages with our wholesale sales, what you need to do is very simple. Examine the services of our company Karakaya Awning, test our quality and order the best product to meet your needs. Our team, which immediately evaluates your order, delivers designs that are fully compatible with your requests as soon as possible.


Wholesale and Retail Garden Cushion Services


Karakaya Awning, which designs the best quality garden cushion models in Turkey, carries out productions that will add color to your gardens. Care is taken to ensure that the cushions used for both sitting and leaning are resistant to rain and sun. In this context, a fabric that does not fade with the effect of sun rays and is waterproof is used.


As a company, we attach great importance to the design of our products from the highest quality materials. When you prefer cushions made of poor-quality fabrics, the usage time of your garden cushions is short. However, if you choose the quality and ostentatious garden cushions produced by our company, you will have the advantage of using the cushions for a long time without any problems.


Knowing that mattresses that absorb water create a bad odor over time, our team uses materials that are resistant to moisture and absorb water in their production. You can choose the patterns of the cushions that will add a different atmosphere and color to your gardens. By evaluating the color and size options, we help you buy the model suitable for the area you will use.


We follow the technological developments closely so that the garden cushions you want to use in your gardens, poolsides, or sun loungers can be used. We make our productions following the developments.


Our company’s reputation, one of the most important names designing garden cushions, has spread outside of Istanbul. Even if you live in a city other than Istanbul, you can get information about our products and place your orders by calling us.


While designing the cushions, we pay attention to the fact that they are easy to clean. It is natural that these cushions, which you will use in outdoor environments like the garden, get dirty quickly. That’s why we designed a model that can be washed and cleaned when wiped. You can use it in hygiene by cleaning your cushions whenever you want.


We make the wholesale and retail sale of garden cushions you prefer for your collective organizations, businesses, or individual gardens. You will be satisfied with the quality of Karakaya Awning, which can meet the number and model you need. The staff of our company, which you can reach at any time you want, gives detailed information on every subject. You can get us at any time from our contact numbers.

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