Sunbed Cushion

Sunbed Cushion


Sunbed Cushion

Sunbed cushion; It is one of the mattress types that has recently attracted significant attention and provides comfort in holiday places. Sunbed cushions designed to be used in the beach sector and by the pool are produced with many features.


We have managed to become a brand by operating for 25 years on the way we started with Karakaya Awning. After the tarpaulin services, we expanded to larger areas and started to produce cushion products. Karakaya Awning, the most preferred company in this field in a short time, continues to be appreciated with its services without sacrificing quality.


Sunbed Cushions in Different Sizes and Models


There are many sun loungers at the poolside or beaches of the hotels serving in the holiday resorts. Businesses that pay attention to every detail from A to Z to ensure that holidaymakers have a pleasant and comfortable holiday are also very sensitive about sunbed cushions.


Businesses that want their guests to lie down and sunbathe on the sun loungers to feel comfortable prefer our company’s sun lounger cushion models. Seating comfort is provided best in our cushions, which have a soft filling.


Thanks to their durable fabrics, the sun lounger cushions, which can be used for a long time without wearing out, can be removed and washed. Our products, produced with fiber protection, have both water and dirt-proof properties. You can fix the cushions with fastening connections to the seating areas on the chaise longue.


Sunbed cushions, specially designed for wooden, plastic, and rattan sun loungers, are produced in different models as straight and striped. We give importance to the wishes of all our customers who prefer us, and we try to offer the best by reviewing their demands in detail.


Sunbeds, preferred for sunbathing, resting, and drying in holiday centers, are uncomfortable without cushions. Sunbed cushions, which we produce specially for sunbeds that cause body pain due to their complicated structure, offer comfortable use.


Benefit From Our Quality Service Advantages


Our company Karakaya Awning meets all requests and demands in the best and fastest way. We attach importance to quality as much as we give importance to speed in the production phase. Our company, which leaves behind the companies that make fast but poor quality production, designs the best products using the highest quality fabrics.

You can choose among the sun lounger cushion models designed from different fabrics according to your needs, your taste, place of use, and the type of sun loungers. The usefulness of the cushions, which helps to enjoy the sun best, draws attention.


You should pay attention to some criteria when choosing sun lounger cushions. You must take the measurements of the sun loungers correctly and convey them to our team because sunbed cushions are produced following these dimensions. Choosing the most suitable color according to the color intensity in the area where the sun loungers will be used will create an advantage and attract attention.


We convey our recommendations to achieve an aesthetic harmony in your spaces. By evaluating the wishes of our valued customers, we agree on the most suitable model and start production. As a company, our primary goal is to create designs that will satisfy our customers.


You may also want to achieve contrast in terms of color and harmony. In this regard, our company offers the most suitable options. You can earn a striking style by choosing the sun lounger cushions in a color opposite to the color of the place where your sun loungers and sun loungers are located.


You can enjoy the advantages of using our stain- and dirt-proof, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-clean chaise lounge cushions for a long time without any problems. We pay attention to the zipper detail in the lounge chair cushions. You can remove and wash the covers of the cushions whenever you want. You can also ventilate the sponge in the case. In this way, you will get rid of the hassle of cleaning.


The sunbed cushions are quality products made of durable materials. You will be able to use the cushions you buy within our company without any problems. You can review our products by contacting us whenever you need.

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Garden Cushion


Garden Cushion

Garden cushion; It is one of the essential productions that allow you to enjoy the air in open spaces such as homes, workplaces, cafes, hotels, and tea gardens. Especially in summer, life flows outside in a sense. Thanks to the garden cushions that carry the pleasure of sitting outside, we bring comfort to your feet. We have added cushions to our tarpaulin and awning products that we produce with the quality of Karakaya Awning. You will enjoy the advantages of using our garden cushions, which we designed by considering our customers’ expectations, in the long term without any problems.


Garden Cushions That Will Add A Different Air To Your Gardens Are Here


Our company, the first name that comes to mind when garden cushions are mentioned, has gained a permanent place in the sector with its services worthy of its name. Our team, which does its best for you to have a pleasant and comfortable time, offers the highest quality and valuable cushions to your liking.


When garden cushions are mentioned, summer months usually come to mind. People overwhelmed by the summer heat spend their time in their gardens or the garden sections of places such as cafes. In this case, garden cushions are preferred instead of sitting on objects that hurt the body, such as chairs. Garden cushions, which have a soft structure, help you spend a relaxing and quality time.


In addition to cafes and tea gardens, garden cushions are also used in hotels. Vacationers who want a pleasant time on their holidays prefer to sit in the cool gardens of the hotels. Institutions that care about the satisfaction of their guests use our company’s quality garden cushions.


If you want to gain economic advantages with our wholesale sales, what you need to do is very simple. Examine the services of our company Karakaya Awning, test our quality and order the best product to meet your needs. Our team, which immediately evaluates your order, delivers designs that are fully compatible with your requests as soon as possible.


Wholesale and Retail Garden Cushion Services


Karakaya Awning, which designs the best quality garden cushion models in Turkey, carries out productions that will add color to your gardens. Care is taken to ensure that the cushions used for both sitting and leaning are resistant to rain and sun. In this context, a fabric that does not fade with the effect of sun rays and is waterproof is used.


As a company, we attach great importance to the design of our products from the highest quality materials. When you prefer cushions made of poor-quality fabrics, the usage time of your garden cushions is short. However, if you choose the quality and ostentatious garden cushions produced by our company, you will have the advantage of using the cushions for a long time without any problems.


Knowing that mattresses that absorb water create a bad odor over time, our team uses materials that are resistant to moisture and absorb water in their production. You can choose the patterns of the cushions that will add a different atmosphere and color to your gardens. By evaluating the color and size options, we help you buy the model suitable for the area you will use.


We follow the technological developments closely so that the garden cushions you want to use in your gardens, poolsides, or sun loungers can be used. We make our productions following the developments.


Our company’s reputation, one of the most important names designing garden cushions, has spread outside of Istanbul. Even if you live in a city other than Istanbul, you can get information about our products and place your orders by calling us.


While designing the cushions, we pay attention to the fact that they are easy to clean. It is natural that these cushions, which you will use in outdoor environments like the garden, get dirty quickly. That’s why we designed a model that can be washed and cleaned when wiped. You can use it in hygiene by cleaning your cushions whenever you want.


We make the wholesale and retail sale of garden cushions you prefer for your collective organizations, businesses, or individual gardens. You will be satisfied with the quality of Karakaya Awning, which can meet the number and model you need. The staff of our company, which you can reach at any time you want, gives detailed information on every subject. You can get us at any time from our contact numbers.

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Chair Cushion


Chair Cushion

If you want to make impressive and stylish touches to your living spaces with chair cushions, you are right. Karakaya Awning, producing mattresses for a long time without sacrificing quality, maintains its place in the sector. Our company, which quickly evaluates the requests and demands of its customers, offers the best quality products to meet your needs with the most reasonable price advantages.


Valuable and Stylish Chair Cushions


Our company, which strongly complements the small details that will help you add a different atmosphere to your environment, has recently mastered the chair cushions that have attracted significant attention. The shapes, sizes, and colors of these cushions, which offer comfortable and ideal solutions for their use, can be changed according to your wishes.


You can use our chair cushions, crowned with the comfort of colorful patterns and prints, in any area you want. If you want to impress your customers by coloring your spaces, such as cafes or tea gardens, you can choose cushions that match the model and color of your chairs.


You can create your design with chair cushion models with features that will revitalize the decoration. Our company, which has an experienced team, helps you create new environments with cushions designed according to the dimensions and shapes of your spaces.


Chair cushions, which can quickly adapt to any environment with their richness of models and colors, can also be used on swings, stools, and chairs. Cushions provide a comfortable sitting experience with their soft structure and prevent obstacles that will hurt your body.


Thanks to these cushions, which are used for the waist sections of chairs, in office environments and places such as cafes and gardens, you can achieve productive work. Considering the comfort of all its customers, our company carries out its productions using the highest quality materials.


Economic and Stylish Chair Cushion Models


Blending comfort with stylish design, our team does their best to add an impressive concept to your decorations. Karakaya Awning, the address of those who cannot give up on both comfort and elegance, helps you bring comfort to every environment you go with its economic chair cushions.


We bring you a unique opportunity to reflect your dream design in your workplaces or living spaces. We are waiting for our chair cushion models that will provide you with pleasant moments by creating a friendly environment. Our team, which always treats its customers carefully, listens carefully to your requests and conveys their suggestions.


One of the essential features of our chair cushions is that they are easy to wash. Thanks to our fabric structure that does not get dirty quickly, we eliminate the necessity of washing. However, even though it does not collect dirt, we use a washable and non-wearing fabric, considering our customers who want to wash the mattresses.


Apart from individual needs, our company also provides services for wholesale chair cushions. We want you to know that we can meet the chair cushions used in crowded environments such as hotels, gyms, cafes, and tea gardens. For this reason, you can call our team without hesitation and let us know the number of mattresses you need.


Different fabrics are used in the cushions, which can be used indoors and outdoors. Materials not affected by water are preferred for mattresses to be used outdoors. In this way, you do not need to worry even if it rains in environments such as cafes or tea gardens with chairs outside.


We also pay attention to the fact that the mattresses used in outdoor areas are resistant to sunlight. Our quality fabrics do not cause fading due to ultraviolet rays. This way, you can safely use our cushions for a long time.


We enliven your decorations, designed to spend pleasant moments in your gardens, balconies, or kitchens, with our colorful chair cushions. Our cushions, which prevent your body from being affected by the complicated structure of the chairs, provide your comfort in the best way. We also design cushions with embroidered or printed custom logos upon request. You will be satisfied with the services of our company, which fulfills all your wishes.

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Promotional Advertising Cushion


Promotional Advertising Cushion

Our company, which is an expert in promotional advertising cushions, meets your corporate requests in the fastest and best way. We process your company’s logo, name & telephone information on our products that we design in all the colors and sizes you want. You will never regret taking advantage of Karaya Awning’s services, which enable companies to make promotional transactions economically.


Promote Your Company in an Economical and Attractive Way

Promotional advertising cushions are a unique opportunity for companies that want to announce their products or services to wider audiences. You can advertise your services to your potential customers with advertising cushions where you can promote your company.


Cushions are prepared in any size and shape you want to use for advertising purposes. In cushion designs, attention is paid to the service of your company and the suitability of the products you sell. At this stage, a model suitable for your wishes is produced by taking the ideas of our valued customers.


Our company, which has been operating in iron joinery and wrought iron for more than 25 years, continues to serve in the tarpaulin and awning departments since 2011. Our company, which has always made a name for itself with its quality, has provided high customer satisfaction with its experienced team. Karakaya Awning, the most preferred address in Istanbul and in general, has succeeded in moving its service network outside of Istanbul.


Promotional advertising cushion types for advertising purposes have options such as bamboo cushions, floor cushions, or garden cushions. With these highly economical cushions, you can reach all of your potential customers and ensure their satisfaction.


Special Production Promotional Advertising Cushions


Our company, which increases the number of happy customers daily, aims to offer the best by taking into account the requests and demands. You will be satisfied with our team’s attentive and quality services, which reached their goals quickly.


Our company, which carries out particular product works, switches to unique production when you cannot find what you want among the classic promotional advertising cushions. By sending your wishes to our team, you can get the advertising cushion you have designed in your dreams.


Our products, which everyone with their printing quality appreciates, are produced to be suitable for every place. We can add any picture or text you want on our custom logo printed cushions. You will be able to impress your customers with the models we have prepared specifically for companies.


You can also check out our printed cushions. You can distribute our cushions, which can also be used as floor cushions for promotional purposes. This way, you can reach more customers and make your promotion tireless without paying large fees.


Our company, which has been in the sector for a long time, is constantly increasing the number of customers with its meticulous work. You can contact us anytime to be among our happy and satisfied customers.


Our team, who always cares about corporate requests, can process your company’s name, logo, and all kinds of information on pear cushions in line with your recommendations. Floor mats are produced that can be used in areas such as cafes, restaurants, beaches, hotels, tea gardens, sports centers, SPA centers, swimming pools, and kindergartens. You will like our team’s designs, which can meet your model and color needs.


The cushions, which have an elegant and luxurious use, can be used on both sides. You can safely use the cushions designed from fabrics extremely resistant to sunlight. Since our materials are waterproof, you can use the cushions outdoors comfortably.


Floor cushions have a zippered structure. This way, it can be washed by removing the outer part when desired. You can find different models of promotional advertising cushions, which can be used easily in many areas within our company.


Among our products that appeal to all tastes and needs are options such as pillow cushions, chair cushions, seat cushions, pear cushions, and oriental corner cushions. Call us without wasting time on our designs that meet your needs and expectations.

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Garden Furniture Cushion


Garden Furniture Cushion

Garden furniture cushion: One of our cushion types specially designed for those who want to enjoy the garden in summer and winter. Our customers, who want to spend pleasant moments or enjoy the garden, prefer garden furniture cushions our company produces. As Karakaya Awning, we have added mattress options to our activities in the sector for a long time. You can trust the quality of our company for the types of mattresses you need.


We Help You Create Your Dream Garden Design


Furniture cushions, indispensable parts of garden textiles and decoration, are presented to your liking with their colorful options. Chairs are the most used furniture for cushions. You can find cushion models suitable for all your furniture such as chairs in our company.


Considering the style and color of the furniture you use in your gardens, we reveal the most suitable designs. We recommend cushions in lighter and lower tones if you have dark furniture. In colored furniture, dark-colored cushion options are more ostentatious. When you prefer patterned furniture, you can choose solid-colored cushions.


You may want to add a different atmosphere to your garden decoration. As Karakaya Awning, we fulfill this request with superior quality. We also work very carefully to ensure that the texture of the cushions we design is in a fabric suitable for your furniture.

Garden furniture cushion models, which add elegance to the environment in which they are used, are also preferred in terms of comfort. Our company is the choice of people who want to sit on comfortable cushions while enjoying the garden and the beautiful weather. You can examine our soft cushions if you do not want to sit on hard furniture.


Garden Furniture Cushion Options that Provide Seat Comfort


In general, people who take care to enjoy the garden during the summer months also enjoy their gardens, which they cover with awnings and tarpaulins, in the winter months. We offer excellent opportunities to our customers who want to design their gardens as they dream, providing comfort to their garden pleasures.


Our cushions for the floor can also be designed according to the furniture used in the gardens. Instead of sitting on the hard floors of the furniture, you can make your furniture comfortable with our cushions. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the cushions we produce in all shapes, such as square, round, and rectangular, according to your needs and furniture shape.


Depending on your intended use, you can find different mattress options in our company, such as single, double, triple, or quadruple mattresses. Our company, which always emphasizes customer satisfaction, shows superior performance with its experienced team.


Our garden furniture cushion options, which are easy to wash, are produced using quality fabrics. We always try to offer the best to increase the satisfaction of our customers who prefer us. In line with this goal, we design furniture cushions that will befit the name of Karakaya, giving your gardens a different atmosphere.

We do not only offer garden furniture cushions to our customers. Companies that offer cafe or tea garden services are looking for the best mattresses to make their customers comfortable. Our company, which has stepped in at this stage, has the cushioning capacity to meet the needs of the companies in the best way. You can also purchase bulk mattresses from our company for your business.


Our company, which adopts a versatile service approach, offers the same quality service to all its customers. The cushions we produce are dirt-repellent. However, we prefer washable fabrics, considering that you still want to wash them.


Our company, which has made a name for itself with its rich product range and the care it shows in craft, has managed to be at the forefront with its services in all of Turkey, especially in Istanbul. You can realize the importance we give to our work and you by choosing our functional cushions that help sitting and lean.


Our exceptional team takes action when you choose our company and starts the design by taking the dimensions of your garden furniture. At this stage, production is carried out considering both suitability of your furniture and your wishes. You can call us anytime for our company’s high-quality garden furniture cushions, which never compromise on quality.

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Yacht Cushion


Yacht Cushion

Yacht cushion; It is one of the types of sunbathing mats designed in every symmetry and model for yachts, boats, and ships. As Karakaya Awning, we have been carrying out successful works in the fields of awning and tarpaulin in the last seven years of our 25-year working life. You can call our team for all kinds of yacht mattresses you need and send your requests.


The Right Address for Ergonomic and Quality Yacht Mattresses


In Turkey, which is developing in yacht and sea tourism, investment needs for furnishing and decoration for yachts are increasing. Our company, which wants to deliver its services to marinas and boatyards at every point in Turkey, develops projects suitable for yachts, boats, sailboats, catamarans, motor yachts, and all other marine vehicles with yacht mattresses that have attracted the most attention recently.


As the Karakaya family, we determine the wishes and needs of our customers who prefer us in the best way. We develop our services in this direction by closely following the technological developments, and we manufacture the yacht mattresses most suitable for our customers’ needs. You will be amazed by the valuable feature of our yacht mattresses, which are designed using quality fabrics.


Our company, established in Istanbul and continues its activities here, delivers its services to every corner of Turkey. We offer professional and guaranteed services to all our valued customers with our experienced team. You can call our team without hesitation if you have any problems with our services. Our employees, who listen to your concerns, produce solutions as soon as possible and eliminate the issues.


One of the essential features of our yacht mattresses is their ergonomics. We guarantee that you can use our products, which attract attention with their comfort, ease of use, and usefulness, for a long time with the same quality.


Types of Yacht Cushions Suitable for Your Health and Use


Some people use the yachts used mainly in the summer and spring months in the winter months. Our yacht mattresses, designed with all our potential customers, are incredibly healthy. Our cushions, produced using the highest quality fabrics, are shaped according to your wishes.


We always offer our valued customers the best products, equipment, and services. With the power of satisfaction we will receive from you, and we will continue our work of a better quality way. Our company, which thinks that all our customers deserve the best, produces the most popular yacht mattresses with quality craft.


The adverse effects of salt water coming to yachts on rough seas are very high. Yacht cushions designed from poor quality fabrics are damaged and become unusable quickly. In addition, the formation of bacteria in products exposed to seawater progresses very quickly. In this case, your health is also at risk.


Karakaya Awning, which attaches great importance to the health of all its customers, offers sea water resistant and healthy mattresses. You will appreciate the usefulness of our yacht mattress types, which will make you feel at home comfort. The health of the cushions, which you can use for a long time with the same quality and appearance, will also make you feel comfortable.


Sun rays, as well as seawater, shorten the life of the mattresses. Our products, which are highly resistant to ultraviolet rays caused by the sun, have a strong structure against fading and wear.


The fabrics we use for mattresses are guaranteed and have first-class water and stain-proof structure. In addition, our materials that are not affected by the sun and do not fade are shaped according to your demands. You can choose the color you want from our unlimited color options and send it to us.

You can show your style in your yachts with your preferences that will reflect your choice. You are at the correct address to have your yachts designed as in your dreams. Our company, which gives importance to the wishes and needs of its customers, offers services that will meet the expectations in the best way.


If you want to capture an eye-catching image by making small touches to the exterior aesthetics of your yachts, our Karakaya Awning team is always at your service. As a result of joint evaluations, we reveal designs that are precisely compatible with your wishes. To take advantage of our quality service advantages, call us.

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